3D Speed City

3D Speed City 1.1u

Secret street races on two wheels!


  • Great 3D graphics throughout, exciting gameplay


  • Difficult controls, small maps

Very good

Much has been made of today’s modern handheld PCs and their three dimensional graphics capabilities, but few games have done anything with them. 3D Speed City is an exception – and a very welcome one at that.

As underground racing games go, OmniGSoft’s 3D Speed City is a simple but decent effort. What makes the game impressive is its use of totally three dimensional graphics running without lag on most medium-spec and above Pocket PCs. The game is nicely put together, it even warns you before the races start that street racing is illegal – and the game is pretty realistic, so perhaps the warning is necessary!

On the downside, and I see this more as an issue with Pocket PCs themselves than this game, the controls are terrible. On our test device, the directional key (mini joystick) is fairly small and unintrusive, but that made controlling the motorbike pretty tricky.

A 3D street racing game inspired by the rebel motorcycle subculture. Master your tremendous speed machine as you hug curves and burn through the sleek night time streets of the glittering city.

Stunning city scenes, lifelike physics simulation, exciting street racing... this game has it all! The demo version gives you access to one street map ("Old Mediterranean"), but there are a couple of other maps available in the full version.

Exciting, high octane fun for the Pocket PC!

3D Speed City


3D Speed City 1.1u

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